A holistic and comprehensive approach to vaginismus recovery

I’ll help you heal from painful sex

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Put an end to the uncertainty

I offer a comprehensive & holistic approach for women who want to break free from the mind-body-pain cycle of vaginismus to heal emotionally & physically so they can finally enjoy beautiful & fun sex the way God designed to be.

Are you ready to experience the freedom and confidence that comes with finally having your body work for you instead of against you?

A one-of-a-kind program

My signature Mind-Body-Sex Reset program offers a comprehensive approach to healing from Vaginismus.

Expertly Designed

Based Occupational Therapy frameworks & evidenced-based research


Mind-Body retraining, mindfulness, vaginal training, and nervous system realignment.

Safe & supportive

Acknowledges the taboos that exist within some faith (and non-faith) circles around discussing sexuality and strives to be a safe space to talk & heal.


Incorporating your partner into recovery while offering him support & encouragement.


Program can be completely done from the comfort of your home at your pace.


Weekly coaching sessions and access to an encouraging community of sisters with vaginismus

You are not broken.
You are not alone.
Vaginismus is treatable.
And fun, enjoyable, intimate sex is possible.

Jess Seitz

Founder of Pain-Free Intimacy


I Cannot Say Enough Good Things About Jess.

You will not find a more motivated, positive, and creative person cheering for you. She has a way of helping you believe that the impossible can be achieved. Unlike most coaches she is able to give feedback and accountability in an upbeat way that helps you accomplish your goals.” -AP

I thought this program would be the same stuff I had learned in my countless sessions of pelvic floor PT and sex psychotherapy.

“Now I realize how disjointed those approaches to my vaginismus were. I have learned so much about connecting my body and my brain together, and it has made all the difference in the world!” ” -MR

I want to say thank you because your program truly is life changing!

My husband and I were talking about how anytime I’ve ever tried I’ve never been able to get past the 4th dilator and so this is truly amazing! I’m two weeks into the program and I actually did the 5th one yesterday and I knew my body could handle going for the 6th one today and it went in so easily and felt great! So I just want to thank you like I’ve never been this encouraged and made this much progress so quickly!” -LM

I want you to know that things changed for us in our marriage after we reached out to you.

You, Jess, are the reason why we found a bright light at the end of the tunnel after trying everything” -JG