The Mind-Body-Sex Reset

A 12-week holistic journey to vaginismus recovery and pain-free intimacy.

What sets this program apart


Holistic & Comprehensive

I use my past experience as a neuro occupational therapist to provide an evidence-based, holistic approach to heal your mind and body from the pain cycles associated with vaginismus.



Unlike most vaginismus treatments, my Mind-Body-Sex Reset program invites your partner into the recovery experience through researched-back methods that allow you to more easily transition from dilator to 🍆.


Safe & Supportive

This program acknowledges the taboos that exist within some faith (and non-faith) circles around discussing sexuality and strives to be a safe space to talk. All treatments will align with your morals and put your values first.

An expertly designed 12-week experience taken from the comfort of your home.
Vaginal training with detailed dilator progression (and what to do if you’re stuck), cognitive behavioral training, mindfulness, targeted somatic & parasympathetic nervous system strategies, occupational therapy frameworks that center treatment and recovery on your specific needs & desires, and much more.
Weekly live group coaching calls to discuss progress and tackle set-backs.
Weekly devotional bible studies to break down negative belief patterns learned from systems like purity culture and foster a healthy biblical perspective on all things marriage, sex, and intimate.
Our premier one-of-a-kind thorough and intimate Mind-Body-Sex Reset Journal experience that creates a harmonious interaction between your mind and body systems, while inviting your husband in on the journey.
We work with you to invite your parnter along when you’re ready. We also have a lot of resources about learning how to communicate about sex effectively with your partner so you can more easily transition from dilators to 🍆.
Partner-specific material that keeps him connected and engaged in your journey, while addressing his emotional & physical needs.
Access to a sisterhood of women who can share their encouragement, successes, and wisdom along the way.
The great benefits of no surgery, no medications, no funky electronic devices!

This Program is Perfect for:

  • Couples who are just starting their vaginismus journey, as well as those who have struggled to get the results they’re looking for.
  • Determined and brave women who have been dilating & doing exercises for months or even years but your body wont let your husband in.
  • Those who have endured painful sex for years, like me, suffering through it without support and not sure what to do.
  • Couples who have been trying to work with healthcare providers with little progress or given advice that doesn’t mesh with your morals.
  • Women who have faced that challenges of purity culture and it’s complicated effects on your view of intimacy and sex.

Let’s End Painful Sex